The Fees might change in the future, once they change this page will be updated as soon as possible.
Pie Chart showing how the fees are divided

Liquidity Pool 💰

These tokens are used for swapping, it is very desirable to have as much BNB as possible in the LP (Liquidity Pool). This is so whales can move in and out of the token without much price impact. This may seem counter intuitive, however this will make it so we will earn a lot of LINK when whales sell, but the price will not lower as much.
EarnLink's large liquidity pool is also good as it incentivizes whales to buy in. Whales rarely buy tokens with a small amount of liquidity as large purchases/shifts in market cap can trigger selloffs. Having a larger liquidity pool means that large buy-ins will not cause the price to move so much​.

Token Burn 🔥

The burning of tokens is very good for holders of eLINK, as it lowers the total supply. This has a snowball effect causing the price per token to increase in the long run ( Because the supply becomes more limited )

Staking 🤑

These are what earn all the holders LINK, the contract swaps these tokens for link and distributes them among the holders, waiting to be claimed.
As of now 50% of the staking rewards are going to the marketing funds, we hope to decrease this as the project grows, as we need a larger amount (percentage wise) to fund the marketing in the early stages.